specializing in inclusive makeup for melanin-rich skin tones

Everybody deserves feel beautiful in their own skin. At Purple Cosmetics, we are committed to creating makeup that caters to melanin-rich skin tones and undertones so you can find your perfect shade match.


shades of beauty

the foundation of our brand

Melanin comes in all shades and they are all gorgeous — hello!


the rich auntie red lip collection

which rich auntie are you?

Is it us or does a red lip just exude rich auntie energy? That's why we curated a RICH AUNTIE collection of demi-matte red lipsticks that embody rich auntie energy. Shop our collection and rock a red lip like the rich auntie you are — or aspire to be.

Rock a Red Lip

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no makeup days

our take on the no makeup makeup look

Make these hats your signature statement for a flawless, no-makeup makeup look! These are a go-to for those times when you're just chillin' with no makeup on — during workouts, errand runs, or those important self-care days.